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Metropolitan Cathedral in Santiago, Chile

There are not many grand, historical buildings to see in the capital of Chile, however, one that tops the list is the Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago (Metropolitan Cathedral).

This is the seat of the Archbishop of Santiago and the center of the archdiocese of Santiago.

The cathedral was built from 1748 to 1800.  It has suffered a lot of damage from earthquakes which let to further alterations at the end of the 1800s, including the two towers.  The cathedral is considered neoclassical with a central nave and two towers.

The interior of the cathedral is very impressive and worth taking the time to walk through the huge structure, admiring the details of the baroque and neo-classical details.  The remains of some of Chile’s greatest historical figures lie in this national historical monument.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, Chile is located on the Plaza de Armas, the central square and historic center of the capital.  You will find a constant flow of people visiting, including both locals and tourists.

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